Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cabin Sweet Cabin

James is never more relaxed than when he's sitting at the cabin.




It has been a tradition for many years to head to the cabin for the 4th of July. It is beautiful and peaceful and we love every minute of it. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Frankman for continually sharing your home!

Camps and Cousins

AJ and his Coach
In July AJ had a wonderful experience attending Remix Vocal camp thanks to Brooke Snow who had previously auditioned, and made it into the camp. We are so glad the Snows told us about it. We would have never known. It was a fanatstic camp that ended with a concert that showcased the work they had all done!
Tickets for the show
AJ singing his heart out!
Flash Mob

Sam came to watch!

Isaac, Matthew,Jacob and Max 

Ready to hike the hill
Super hero's

Great costumes

We spent the days playing with 
the Provo Frankmans,Larsen,Snow and Poelman cousins. 
Cousins are the best!

Tornado simulator

Snow and Frankman girls

Anna and Zoe

We Love Water!

Isaac Running to 1st 

He made it home. Where's the plate?






Issac and Ty at the Flume

The Neighborhood/Ward party still happened even with the rain. It certainly made the kickball game more fun.
 Isaac and Anna challenged one another to run out it in a down pour!
Probably the highlight of summer water fun is floating the flume. 

"James and Xochithl Frankman take 2nd place at the fair, with their amazing Goose Berry Jam"

Franklin County has a county fair to be proud of. James and I always joke about entering our food in the fair. Well...just before fair time this year we had our first harvest of Goose berries. They are a funny looking little fruit with the shape and coloration of a watermelon, but about half the size of a grape. We had a bumper crop of about 5 cups, so we decided to make them into jam. We didn't follow a special recipe, just the one on the pectin box for "Other  fruit". Much to our joy we love it! We submitted one of our 4 jars to the fair and took 2nd place. Not sure how the categories work but almost all (600-700 bottles) of the jam on display at the fair had a 1st or 2nd place ribbon on it. We'll take it none the less, but won't be watching for headlines reading, " James and Xochithl Frankman  take 2nd place at the fair, with their amazing Goose Berry Jam".

Schools Back in Session for 2014

Back to School 2014

Isaac 7th Grade

Anna 6th Grade

Savannah 11th Grade

AJ 12th Grade

Let's Eat!

Isaac preparing a chicken

Peaches from our tree
A great catch 
Cleaning the catch

Bisque from the fish

A new favorite recipe
We eat well at our home. We are so blessed!